Discovering Cheats

Very important: Before you start discovering or reporting copyright infringement, please do take time to read the ยดGurushots Users Union`code of conduct.`

When you find a suspect photo when voting, “like” the photo.

Then on your profile, it will appear under your likes

You will find the profile of who posted it. Save that link, and/or the link to the photo/photos you suspect are stolen.

A good idea is to control the exif data of the photo and take a look at the rest of the photographer’s collection …a set of beginners photos and suddenly a super top is reason enough to be suspicious. No exif data is a hint but sometimes some editing programmes simply emit this data.

Go to Tineye or Google Reverse image search. -(see separate instructions in using Tineye) and upload it. This will tell you how many times it appears on the web.

Best thing is to find a site where they mention the name of the photographer. (Shutterstock has them sometimes, Flicker, etc., sometimes you get lucky and you find the photographer’s webpage), sometimes this doesn’t happen, but then you get the link to the Google page of the results. So, after gathering those links, you fill the contact form with:

1.- Member’s link to the photo,

2.-Proof of where it came from.

3: Subject: Report from Gurushots Users Union.

Follow the member so you can keep track of when they were kicked off.

Do not comment on their photos.

Gurushots Users Union values good research. Report only once you are 100% sure the photos are not theirs.

If you don’t have time to do the research at that moment, just post the link to the photo on the Gurusshots Users Union facebook page and ask one of the team to report it.