Gurushots Users Union

Your guide to Gurshots — Tips & Info is a gaming platform for photo enthusiasts. 

We are not part of the organisation and here we simply give an honest review.

First of all.. Gurushots is real and we have been to their offices and they really try their best to keep the site working and are constantly improving the site.

Gurushots openly state this is a game. Yes its nice to win and go up the levels but never forget …  it is a game.

Video : Introduction to Gurushots..
A short introduction to Gurushots gives you the chance to display your photos on a world wide platform with over 1 million participants and have them vote for your photo.

In facebook / Instagram your friends are liking your photos .. here photos come up and voters from all over the world are voting for them without knowing you.. this is a great chance to test how your photos are liked ( or maybe not) in the worldwide scene of photography.

Another point to remember .. Gurushots combines world wide renowned photographers and you… keep trying .. use the experience to learn and improve .. test your skills with some of the best ….