You have achieved the level of Guru ..
here are some videos to help you get started. 

The most important thing you need to know is that there is a major difference between voting in a normal challenge as a participant and voting in a Challenge you are running. 


1: Every vote you give in a Challenge you are running is a Gurupick.

2: Gurupicks bring players up in ranks… be responsible.. give Gurupicks for quality and good photography.

3: Very, very important .. Never give Gurupicks from a mobile phone. An image might look good on a mobile phone but quiet bad on a large screen.

4: Give Gurupicks to photos you can be proud of.. My personal motto is every Gurupick I choose should be able to hang 40 cm by 30 cm in my living room and make me feel proud I chose it. 


Using Tineye when giving Gurupicks

A guru explains how he uses Tineye to check picks for copyright before giving Gurupicks.