Signing up: 

Try to choose a username that you can identify with. Make sure you use the same user name you use on other photographic platforms .. this will help indentify you and photo ownership later if copright questions come up.

Some persons might be Joe90 on gurushots and LondonBlue on some stock photo site such as `Shutter Stock` .. this could make persons think you are borrowing photos from other photographers and you can get your account deleted. 

Uploading your photos… although gurushots gives you the possibility to upload from Instagram.. we strongly advise against this.. Instagram was designed for mobile phones.. you might not be loading your best resolution from Instagram.. so we advise upload directly from your pc. 

Take a look at the Challenges available… you are free to enter as many or a less as you like… take a look at a Challenge and it´s closing date .. if you feel you have something to enter .. press the Submit Photos Button. 

When choosing a challenge to enter make sure you take the 2 minutes extra to read the description which was written by the organizing Guru or Gurushots .. you want the Guru to choose your photo … it is necessary to know what he/she is looking for. 

 Check also if this is a 1 photo or 4 photo Challenge. If the Challenge has reached a certain time limit you might need a key to enter.

When uploading a photo you can edit it`s name.. I prefer to give each photo a name.. then if possible make sure your EXIF data is there .. this shows which Camera and setting you used and can be a great help if copyright issues come up..


Very important edit the Labels.. add/delete as necessary.. this helps Gurushots suggest photos for you to enter .. here you can see for example .. Lonely but there are no helicopters in this shot so I will delete this label. 

You can also make use of the suggested photos function and choose one of the photos suggested by Gurushots .. ( assuming you have made sure the given labels are correct when you uploaded the photo, ) Remember this is an Artificial Intelligence function and we know computers and intelligence is another topic. 

You can use the search function ( Here we are looking for Ducks) to search from your uploaded photos .. please make sure you have read the Label editing suggestions in the above section first . 

Once you enter a challenge : Please move to page 2 …