Swapping a photo

In a 1 or 4 photo Challenge you have the possibility to Swap an entered photo and choose another photo from your  Profile or Load a new one ….. Press the Swap key.. 

When you press the Swap button a pop up will come up and display all your currently entered photos.. you should now choose the photo you want to swap out and press it. 

You can now glide with your mouse over the photos and the Swap this Photo button will move from one photo to photo .. choose your photo and press enter.

Now you choose the photo you want to swap in… you can control the old photo with the new photo symbols at the bottom of the pop-up. When you are sure then press the Swap Button.  Now the new photo is taking part in the Challenge starting at 0 points. 

You can swap as many photos as you want and how often you want .. clearly for every swap you will use a Swap Key. The great part of Swapping is that you can Swap Back and will not loose the points you had earned for that photo in this particular Challenge. 


If you feel that the photo you swapped in did not do as good as you expected you can at anytime during the Challenge ´Swap Back`. 

Here it helps to sort the photos according to votes, now you can easily see how much vote your current photo has (in this case 131) and choose a previously entered photo with higher votes. Here we have two previously entered photos, one with 416 and the other one with 393 votes. 

Remember these vote are only for the current challenge.. if you enter the photo in another challenge it will clearly start at 0.